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We started 2020 with all the expectation of seeing what surprises would bring us the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one; However, I believe that no one foreshadowed the appearance of a silent enemy which has spread rapidly from one point in the world to even reaching the most remote towns on the planet; taking all the inhabitants to live a new normality, where the rules of coexistence changed radically.

Since I started TCQ in 2015, there have been countless changes in the way we work; our portfolio and our website have been renewed on several occasions, our clients have been increasing, more brands have been trusting in our work; But what we have not changed is in our way of working: the home office, which has allowed us to continue subsisting, working even harder in this difficult time.

Many brands have paralyzed their operations, others have been forced to reinvent themselves, changing their business or expanding their range of products and / or services. For many, the appearance of the coronavirus has resulted in losses on a small or large scale, for others (we included ourselves) it has been the opportunity to do something different, to grow and expand in the midst of such a complicated scenario for any brand.

«We do not pretend that things change, if we always do the same. The crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries, because the crisis brings progress. “

Albert Einstein

At the beginning of the quarantine, some accounts that work with us, paused their operations, therefore, also our business relationship; however, other accounts remained active, since the item to which they belong were authorized by the government. So, economically speaking, we were living with what was fair and necessary.

Just as unexpected as COVID19, it was the communication since Italy, of a very special person for the family, not only because he was a blood relative, but because his closeness has always been noted; I am talking about Joshua Orrillo, a born creative, tireless traveler, multimedia specialist, photography (his portfolio is awesome), social media, 2D and 3D motion graphic, multi instrumentalist musician; in other words, a total boss.

At some point the idea of ​​talking to him had crossed my mind to see more job opportunities in other lands, but it only remained in that, in ideas …

As soon as we talked, the chemistry came up immediately, we brainstormed everything we could do by joining forces while we decided almost instantaneously to extend our brand in European lands … That’s right gentlemen, TCQ now has a new virtual office in Genoa, Liguria … Italy!

That is why we have made some changes here again, because we must live up to the studies that exist in the old continent and become a benchmark for other freelancers or independent studies in our city, and why not, in our country . We renewed our website, now available in 3 languages; Spanish, Italian and English; We expanded our services, we increased our portfolio of Peruvian and Italian clients, we have been preparing more projects that will soon see the light of day; so you will see a little more movement in this space, because we have a lot of material and ideas that we want to share with you.

Daniel Chara · PE