Brand identity

Case study

Novoandina cuisine is a new culinary style that emerged in Peru due to the interest of gastronomes to take up the past and rescue it to revalue many of the indigenous ingredients.


Lima has become the main headquarters of this new gastronomic fashion and in the city of Tacna, Utaja is one of the pioneers in promoting Novo-Andean cuisine. Its name is a word in the Aymara language that means “My House”, which It offers a new culinary style by experimenting with local produce and finding ways to turn it into something more sophisticated.


The main ingredients used in its preparations are quinoa in its three varieties, kiwicha, trout, alpaca, lamb, tunta, aguaymanto, tuna, tumbo and Andean herbs such as muña.


We take care of renewing the visual identity of the brand, taking as a point of reference the Aymara fabrics that we found in the audit process, we renewed the logo and developed other applications requested by the client, using a new color palette to dress each graphic piece.

Brand identity